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365 Grateful: Library

Today, I’m grateful for my library. It’s not the library in my town, but the one in the next town over. The picture above is one of the doors.  I have been working here since about 11AM (and I’ve gotten a CRAZY amount of work done), but just a few minutes ago, I had my first issue with bloodsugar in about 6 months.  I had eaten before I got here and forgot my extra food at home, but I figured that I’d be fine since I hadn’t had an issue while I was sick, and I wasn’t eating pretty much at all while I was ill last week.  I was wrong.  It started to tank pretty quickly.  I went into the Friends of the Library and asked them about vending machines somewhere outside of the building.  There was nothing and a patron looked at me like I was committing a cardinal sin and started muttering to herself, even though I explained that my bloodsugar was dropping rapidly.  The security guard, Gill, understood what was happening though and went to the front desk to ask for some sort of cookie, candy, or juice.  The librarians looked at me like I was insane and Gill explained what was going on for me since I was feeling a bit off at the moment.  As soon as they figured out why we were asking, one of the librarians went off to the back and brought back two cookies and a bottle of water.  Gill then stood outside with me and talked to me while I ate and got back to normal.  So, not only am I getting a ton of grading done, but the security guard and librarians all lent a hand when I wasn’t feeling well.  Good people and a good place to work

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