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Hello, readers-mine!

I’ve decided to go animated with my images.  If you know me, you’ll see how representative these meez are. If you don’t, know that I find them to be rather accurate. Put me in a Japanese garden, an artist studio with plenty of sunlight by the water, or the woods and I’m happy. Give me a pen/pencil and some paper and I’m set. The one thing I wish is that the characters had Brave hair, as that’s really more like the natural state of my crazy locks. These characters look like me after 15 hair products and a goodly amount of styling.

As this page is supposed to tell you a bit about me (and not just my cute little cartoon avis) I figure this would be a good time to give you some facts. I spend the vast majority of my daytime hours as a high school teacher. You’ll find that much of my blog is about this part of my life. I love my students, the schools I’ve taught at, and being able to riff on topics I adore in order to get my kids excited about English.  According to the vast majority of my students, they have fun in my classes even if they hate studying literature. They like the fact that my goal is to teach them to think, not teach them how to think. I love watching the light bulbs go *bing* when they finally grasp a tough concept.

Besides being a teacher, I’m also an artist. According to my sister I’m “artsy, but normal…ish,” which is really a pretty solid description of my personality.  I write. I scribble. I pen the words that scramble about my brain and the characters who leap from my fingers. Primarily, these bounding peoples fall within the categories of characters for fantasy and science fiction novels of various sub-genres and combinations thereof, as well as poetry, short stories, music, and scripts. I also draw, paint, dance, sing, play the piano, and fly like a bird with my invisible wings…alright, maybe not so much that last one, but everything else is truthful.

I love travelling. Really, I’d say I’m pretty solidly addicted to it. I get itchy feet and no matter whether it’s a half hour to a small, lost little beach or a day’s flights to another continent, I’m happiest when I’m moving. This seems odd to some people, but I can’t imagine staying in one place for my whole life. I can’t picture finding somewhere that feels so much like Home that I want to stay and set down roots. For me, Home is people, not places.  Luckily, this means that I am at Home no matter where I go. I find that there are always people who will make you feel welcome, no matter where you are. The world is both a more frightening and less frightening place than many people think. More frightening because of what an individual can do. Less frightening because Americans have this absurd idea that being afraid of everyone in the world is some sort of self-preservation skill. I think that if we all got together and talked, we’d get rid of those boundries and fear. A lack of xenophobia would be a wonderful world indeed.

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