• Oregon Trail screen capture from the original green and black game.
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    OTG: The Oregon Trail Generation

    I was born in 1983.  This means that according to demographers I'm both a part of Gen X and a Part of Gen Y, a group also dubbed "the Millennials."  Generations are a tricky business and I would venture to say that people born in the late 70s and early 80s are really a strange micro-generation. I have no idea what we should be called, but I'm a fan of "The Oregon Trail Generation," because, frankly, we certainly don't fit the general descriptions of either: 

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    Girls Who Read

    I saw this and it made me smile.  Check it out.  It’s performed by Mark Grist, directed by Guy Larsen, and produced by Or Something Similar. I’ve edited this post because the video wasn’t showing.  Even if you don’t see it on the front page, click and you’ll be able to see the vid on the actual post.

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    Dear Kitten

    This is one of my favourite videos and has been for some time.  If cats could write letters, these are the things they would say.  Plus, my animals are soooo all about the Va-coom…Flash, the wee doggie with a large Napoleon complex, thinks he needs to protect his humans from them and Jack, the sweet kitty with serious claws, has decided that he should be nowhere near it or the people who push it and hides in the garage until it is gone.