New Diet and Exercise Routine

So, this started because my father needed to lose weight for his health and has become something that we’re doing together as a father-daughter bonding experience.  He lost 7 pounds last week when he started (I was in Boston).  We did our research and chose a program we know works because I had a friend who lost weight through them.  We’ve opted for the HMR program with meetings and food education through a local university here. 

I’ve been on the diet for two days, and think I’ve been doing pretty well.  I’ve stuck to the diet, started looking at labels, and done variety in exercise and food.  Walked an hour yesterday and swam 45 minutes tonight.  I’m probably the only person I know who has their 5 fruits and veggies a day, so that part isn’t hard for me.  However, being that I’m a vegetarian, there are only four meals that I can eat within the program.  Being ADD, I need variety. 

So far, for meals I’ve done the following with the meals:

  • ravioli + sauteed lemon and garlic asparagus + sauteed sliced orange and yellow bell peppers
  • ravioli plain
  • ravioli + steamed broccoli
  • pasta fagioli plain

So far, I’ve done the following with the shake powder:

  • 120 Vanilla + Diet Sunkist + ice = orange julius. 
  • 120 Vanilla + frozen, blended blueberries + water + freezer time = blueberry ice cream
  • 120 Chocolate + tiny amount of water + fridge time = pudding
  • 120 Chocolate + water + ice = thick chocolate shake

I’m plotting a minestrone soup, a five bean dip, a version of shepard’s pie (for one of my dad’s entrees), a ravioli with different types of squashes and such , and some sort of super veggie risotto.  So far, I’ve done pretty well with creating the variety I think I’ll need to survive and stick to it.  My dad laughs a bit at the effort I’m going to, but I’m not going to be able to stick to it unless I keep coming up with fun new ways to eat this stuff.  He calls it “product” and it is that, but I think it could be “food” if I just find ways to make it so. 

One thing that I’ve learned over the past couple of days is that I don’t even make it onto my priority list most days.  I’ve got to learn that my health comes first.  Other things can wait.  Wish me luck.

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