"Firelands" by Tracey Hewat

I found this song on accident.  I have no idea why it resonates like it does, but I love it.

I can’t seem to find reliable lyrics.  It’s just people listening and putting up their best guesses.  I’m surprised that Tracey Hewat (the singer) doesn’t seem to have a website.  Anyhow, I think it’s gorgeous.

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  • Jawed Iqbal

    I bumped into your blog while searching for Tracey's website or wiki info myself. I have to agree with you that this song is really marvelous. If you have gathered more info on this artist, it would be wonderful if you shared. I have an obsession with Celtic music and this girl's voice is simply majestic. There have to be more songs by her.On a side note, I see that you're a bit of traveler(and have visited my country Canada!)Do share some of your experiences about Canada in a blog post.Cheers!

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