I love England (like my wonderful friend whom I call EJ, but the rest of the world knows as Julie).  For me, it feels like home in a strange way that other places simply don’t.  I just spent 8 days traveling about with a tour group of students and one of my favorite people/good friend/co-worker.  The trip was brilliant fun and thanks to the particular group of students we went with I had a British accent, my normal accent, and a Southern accent at various points and sometimes within a singular sentence.

We hit some of my favourite places, I got together with college buddies, and watched soccer/football.  Now, those of you who know me will realize that I have taken over 800 photos (read 3500).  Here’s the thing though, I’m not going to put up photos that have the kids or my friend in them because I don’t have their permission and this is a public forum.  That said, I’m going to have to pick amongst LOTS of non-people photos.

Here are some highlights from each day: 8 hours in the airport/getting to our hotel after landing in London.  This gave rise to inside jokes in and of itself and me hanging with the boys while my friend dealt with the company.  Hint: He doesn’t like chaos/disorginization so he was not a happy man, but as always, his annoyance was rather like a quiet storm.  You know, the kind where you know it’s storming but you’re not sure what all is going on under the surface of those clouds.  When we finally beat London traffic and got to the hotel, we were staying in the Olympic Park.  Yep, you heard me: Olympic Park.  As in, before the athletes arrived.  They showed up the day we left London for the first time.  Who were the first people to stay in the Olympic Park in London?  A bunch of American tourists!  Booyah!

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