This is a show that feels like Shakespeare, Authurian Legend, and ancient Greek tragedies. It is epic. It is brilliant. It is completely MODERN. The brilliant speeches from the premiere are like nothing else on television.

The characters are complex and well-developed and we’re only through the premiere. The old king who is corrupted by power, greed, and money also has a heart that yearns for the simpler things. He has given up his lady love in his lust for power and keeps her hidden away with another child the public does not know of. The queen who loves her children, claims she stays away from politics, seems a little flighty, and yet has state secrets in her cell phone. The idealistic princess who is working for reform, is beautiful and sweet like Snow White, and is falling in love with the man who could tear her people apart or band them together. The prince who wants nothing more than the respect of his father and goes to war to earn it, playing the part of a playboy prince, who is told that he cannot be what God made him and so is set to play the rival to the throne with his uncle who essentially is the treasury. The boy-king who knows the heart of his people though he does not know that they are his yet. He is a simple farm boy, a soldier who loses his brother, is falling for the princess, is stationed in the capital, and feels all emotions strongly and true. He is already the man who can fix anything. Though he does not realize it, he is going to be called upon by God to fix his country…this is what the butterflies say.

This is a story about our world and our times. This is a story for all times. This was a story, not just a television show, that made me want to watch more and touched me deeply. It is beautiful and I WILL make time to watch it from here on out.

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