Something you may not know…

I am decidedly a nerd. I am quite content with this because I have been told that I am a nerd in so many different ways that it basically means that I’m cool because I know so many random facts. I have been told this by many different people. I somewhat disagree with the “cool” part because I am quite content being a somewhat nerdy person who is just happy being artistic and a little weird.

However, one of my many fascinations is crime shows. As you know, another one is writing. This being said, I adore the new show Castle. It’s about a mystery writer who pairs up with a detective. It is well-written, funny as hell (never been too sure how hell was funny though), and combines two things that I love. Not to mention, Nathan Fillion is actually good-looking enough to make me think he’s good looking, charming enough to seem charming, and just enough of a self-absorbed but lovable badboy that I actually like his character without feeling like he’s sugar coated next to his partner in the show who is hard with a softer edge. The entire show has a lighter feel than most crime scene shows and it made me smile consistantly a few days ago when I watched it on the Castle website. Plus, UBER BONUS: actual mystery novel authors playing poker! So far, James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell.

So, that is my little blurt of the day as I am happily awaiting the next installment of this show.

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