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On Long Absences and Things that Make Me Smile…

I realized the other day that I hadn’t posted here for round about five months.  This made me a touch sad.  Then, I realized why I hadn’t posted, and that made me happy.  So, then, obviously, I needed to post about it. 😛

I’ve been writing a LOT.  I did another class through Gotham.  This helped me figure out why my prologue was making me annoyed enough that I wanted to hurl it’s digital pages into a tornado and watch them spin and then be crushed by a flying cow or tractor or something else large and heavy.  That solved, things are flowing again and I think this may be the official Last Round of Edits!  (And with all that extra sleep I’ll get after this round is done, I shall take over the world!  Mwuah ha ha ha ha ha!)

I’ve been reading more again.  In the past five months, I’ve read three books of over a thousand pages each, ten that range between five and eight hundred, a host of short stories and poems, and the books I’ve needed for teaching.  All and all, that’s fairly well-rounded I would think.  Expect book reviews soon.

I’ve been social.  Weirdly, falling down a flight of stairs and having your knee caps dislocate for kicks and giggles has made me more social.  I leave the school sooner to go to physical therapy and then have time to talk to other human beings.  Also, flew to Boston to check in on my sister and see some old friends.  It was a great time and I’m glad I got to see people.  Sadly, I did not get to see my kids (who have made it onto So You Think You Can Dance’s season premiere on the 28th.  You know you want to vote for them (check out Urban Koncept Dance Crew).  Bum leg = social life…Who would have thought?   Not I.

I’ve been watching/rewatching fun things (aka Nerdy Netflixing).  The latest being Highlander: The Series, which has reminded me about my major crush on Adrian Paul as a kid.  Most young girls were all about Richie (the fast-talking comedic relief with a painful past).  Leave it to me to go for tall, dark, handsome, and brooding with shots of humor and a shiny katana.  That said, I’m thinking that the combination of this show coming out when I was nine and one of my Japanese friends having a katana on the wall is probably where my semi-obsession with them comes from.  Also, speaking of katanas, I watched the live action version of Rurouni Kenshin today and it made me happy.  Not going to lie, there were some squee moments for this long-time Kenshin fan.  I can’t wait until the sequels come out in August and September respectively. 

I’ve been planning the most recent trip to England.  Not surprisingly, kids at the school where I work are made of equal parts awesome and ridiculous.  This is what a teenager is for after all, reminding adults to see the world through their eyes and thank God the adults are not interpreting the information our eyes gather it with teenaged brains.  On the plus side, talk about how much fun it’s going to be to go with my friends and take my students.  They’re a good bunch of chuckle heads. 🙂

There’s more, but I have to be up in six hours and I’m tired (because amongst all the rest, I’ve also been sick).

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