365 Grateful: Michi-chan

Clean work desk.  Yes, those are colour-coded and size-ordered stacks of stickies on the right side of the image.

Tonight, I am grateful for Michi-chan, a student of mine from Japan.  I taught her English a year and a half ago and she is possibly the cutest kid ever.  She’s bubbly, athletic, smart, and sweet all at once.  Today, we match.  I had a little argument with a set of stairs and the stairs once, so my left knee is in rough shape.  Unfortunately for Michi-chan, this makes us twinsies.  She’s been out of soccer for most of the season because of a left-knee injury.

Even though it’s been a bit of a rough start to the day, it ended well with Michi-chan helping me to organize my desk and all of my supplies.  They all fit neatly on the desk (as you can see).  It took us roughly an hour because kids had left so much junk on my desk and I had brought in all of my supplies.  Michi-chan both got me organized and made me smile, something I’ve been struggling with today.  Go, Michi-chan!

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