About that whole one blog a week thing…

Yeah, I’ve failed miserably so far.  Reason being, I have been writing a LOT.  I am working on the first book and the editing, I am mentoring two young writers individually and eight as a group, as well as starting a new piece.  I’m thinking I should limit myself to a short story with the new piece, even though it’s turning into a book, so I may end up publishing some stuff on my Wattpad account finally.  I’ll link you over, readers-mine, if I end up doing so.  As far as the blogs go, I think that what I’m going to do is write up a whole bunch and once and then schedule them to come out on a specific day of the week.  Any suggestions on topics?

Also, if you’re looking for submission guidelines, check this out: http://www.annemini.com/?p=18791

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