• Katie

    Ugh. I hear you on the romantic stuff, or lack thereof. If anything, it just keeps getting harder. You can always come back east and hang out with some cool single ladies there. 🙂 And I can kind of see how Criminal Minds and SVU can be weirdly comforting. It's like, things aren't great, but at least there's not a serial killer after me. I've also been doing this program called Stratejoy, which I found out about after, like, half of 20sb sang its praises. I'm a bit suspicious of self-helpy kinds of things like that, but I've been doing a program through it called Joy Equation and so far I really like it. You might want to check it out!

  • Unknown

    Thanks, Kid. I wish I could, things would be easier for me back there, but it's not really an option. What's the Joy Equation about? Sappy name.As to Criminal Minds and SVU, it's not the serial killer thing. It's more like the characters feel real to me in a similar manner to the ones I write. I can relate to them all in different ways and they're kinda like the friends who can always be around, but never care if I'm not paying attention. I have no idea if that makes sense or makes me sound crazy. I do know that I find them comforting though.

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