In response to a question I received…

I listen to music to hear the worlds and my characters.  

*The pic is a link to the site where I got it (a place called Junkaria.com.)*

I was asked if I write to music, in coffee houses, or in a room locked away in silence.  This is my answer:

Depending on the day I write with blasting music, soft music, or no sound at all. It depends on what I’m writing and what type of mood I’m in. Some days I’ll find that blasting music ends and I won’t even notice.

The one thing I can’t abide is talking while I’m writing. Music with lyrics? Great! Something with a beat? Sure! Talking? I will give you the death glare of doom, pop in some headphones, and turn my music up until I can’t hear you anymore.

Music is music, so that works for me. People talking though…I guess I’d say it’s like trying to have two conversations at the same time with two different groups of people on separate topics. It simply doesn’t work.

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