New Background, New Year

All right, reader’s mine.  I’ve made a new colour scheme.  If you know the creator of this background, please let me know.  A friend sent it to me with the note, “Thought you would like this.”  She had gotten it from another friend, who’d gotten it from another friend, who had no idea where they found it.  Anywho, it eventually made it to me and I thought that I would go colour crazy for the new year.

I have set myself goals for 2012 (because I feel guilty if I haven’t completed a resolution):

  1. Get more balance back in my life so that I can get myself back to the gym and have a social life again.
  2. Finish editing Book 1 and get it sent off finally.
  3. Do everything I can to keep the job I love and make it full-time next year.

What are your goals?

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