My New Year wish for family, friends, and kids

(Sorry it’s long…I’m nothing if not verbose…):

I hope that your year to come is filled with specialness and magic. I hope you make something, something beautiful and wonderful, that fills you with joy, whether that be art of some sort, a relationship with another human being, or some combination of the two. I hope you do this with the passion for life that only you can have and that audience or partner responds in kind. I hope that you have enough pain that you both grow and recognize the joys. I hope that you have enough joy that it outweighs the pain 10-to-1. I hope you face a fear and come out on the other side, turning it into a joy. I hope that you read some fantastic books, blogs, articles, and watch some movies and tv shows that make you dream of how things should be and that you are inspired to act. I hope that you make the mistakes only a wise person can make, the ones that you learn from and make the world better with, because only a wise person learns from the past and we need more wise people in the world these days. I hope that your year is filled with dreams-come-true and dreams-yet-to-be-had. I hope that it is an awesome year.

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