Collective Nouns

From Wikipedia again….

labour A labour of moles[1]
leap A leap of leopards[1]
leash A leash of deer[1]
A leash of foxes[1]
A leash of hawks[1]
A leash of hounds[1]
litter A litter of any young (animals) born as a group[2]
lounge A lounge of lizards[3]
mob A mob of people, animals or kangaroos[2]
murder A murder of crows[4]
murmuration A murmuration of starlings[4]
muster A muster of storks[3]
A muster of peacocks[4]
mute A mute of hounds[3]
nest A nest of mice[3]
A nest of rabbits[3]
A nest of vipers[5]
A nest of snakes[6]
network A network of computers[dubious ]
neverthriving A neverthriving of jugglers[7]
nide A nide of geese[citation needed]
nucleus A nucleus of physicists[dubious ]
number A number of mathematicians[dubious ]
nye A nye of pheasants[4]
obstinacy An obstinacy of buffalo[3]
ostentation An ostentation of peacocks[3]
pace A pace of asses[3]
pack A pack of hounds[3]
A pack of rats[8][9]
A pack of wolves[3]
A pack of grouse[10][11]
paddling A paddling of ducks (on water)[3]
pandemonium A pandemonium of parrots[3]
pantheon A pantheon of gods[12]
parade A parade of elephants[dubious ]
parcel A parcel of hogs[13][14][15]
A parcel of deer[16][17][18]
A parcel of penguins[19][20]
parliament A parliament of owls[3][4]
A parliament of rooks[4]
party A party of jays[3]
passel A passel of hogs[21]
A passel of possum[citation needed]
patch A patch of flowers[dubious ]
peep A peep of chickens[3][22]
peloton A peloton of cyclists[23][24]
phalanx A phalanx of storks[citation needed]
pit A pit of snakes[3]
piteousness A piteousness of doves[22]
pitying A pitying of doves[3]
plague A plague of locusts[dubious ]
plum A plum of seals[dubious ]
plump A plump of waterfowl[dubious ]
A plump of ducks (flying)[25][26]
pod A pod of whales[27][28]
A pod of seals[3]
A pod of dolphins[29][30][31]
A pod of USBs[citation needed]
pomp A pomp of pekingese[dubious ]
ponder A ponder of philosophers[dubious ]
pontifica A pontifica of prelates[dubious ]
portfolio A portfolio of stockbrokers[dubious ]
pounce A pounce of cats[3]
poverty A poverty of pipers[32][33]
prettying A prettying of doves[dubious ]
prickle A prickle of hedgehogs[dubious ]
pride A pride of peacocks[34]
A pride of lions[3][22]
quarrel A quarrel of sparrows[citation needed]
quiver A quiver of rebuttals[dubious ]
rabble A rabble of butterflies
A rabble of rats
raffle A raffle of turkeys
raft A raft of coots
A raft of auks
A raft of ducks[3]
A raft of penguins
rafter A rafter of turkeys[3]
rag A rag of colts
rainbow A rainbow of butterflies
rake A rake of colts
A rake of mules
range A range of mountains
rascal A rascal of boys
riches A riches of matrons
richness A richness of martens
rookery A rookery of penguins[3]
rouleau A rouleau of coins
rout A rout of wolves[3]
rout A rout of snails
A rout of wolves
A rout of knights
ruck A ruck of football players
run A run of salmon
A run of poultry
sault A sault of lions
scale A scale of fish
scathe A scathe of zombies
school A school of whales[3]
A school of fish
scold A scold of jays
scourge A scourge of mosquitoes
screech A screech of gulls
scull A scull of friars
sedge A sedge of bitterns
A sedge of cranes
set A set of mathematicians
shiver A shiver of sharks
shoal A shoal of fish
A shoal of herring
shower A shower of bastards
A shower of meteorologists
shrewdness A shrewdness of apes[3]
shuffle A shuffle of bureaucrats
siege A siege of bitterns
A siege of herons[3]
singular A singular of boars[3]
sitting A sitting of eggs
skein A skein of geese[3]
skulk A skulk of foxes[3]
slither A slither of snakes
sloth A sloth of bears[3]
smack A smack of jellyfish
sneak A sneak of weasels
sord A sord of mallards
sounder A sounder of pigs[3]
A sounder of swine[3]
A sounder of boars[3][4]
sowse A sowse of lions
span A span of oxen
spring A spring of seals
A spring of teal[4]
stable A stable of horses[3]
stand A stand of flamingoes[3]
A stand of trees
stare A stare of owls
state A state of princes
storytelling A storytelling of crows
streak A streak of tigers[3]
string A string of ponies
stud A stud of mares
superfluity A superfluity of nuns
swarm A swarm of ants[3]
A swarm of bees[3]
A swarm of earthquakes
A swarm of eels[3]
A swarm of flies[3]
A swarm of rats
taboon A taboon of horses
team A team of horses[3]
A team of oxen[3]
A team of ducks
thicket A thicket of trees
thought A thought of barons
threatening A threatening of courtiers
tiding(s) A tiding(s) of magpies
trace A trace of hares
trembling A trembling of finches
tribe A tribe of monkeys
A tribe of goats[3]
trimming A trimming of finches
trip A trip of sheep
A trip of dotterel
A trip of hares
A trip of goats[3]
troop A troop of kangaroos[3]
troubling A troubling of goldfishes
tumult A tumult of tubas (players)
turmoil A turmoil of porpoises
turn A turn of turtles
ubiquity A ubiquity of sparrows
ugly An ugly of walruses
unkindness An unkindness of ravens[3][22]
unbrewing An unbrewing of carvers[1]
vagary A vagary of impediments
volery A volery of birds
waddle A waddle of penguins
wake A wake of buzzards
walk A walk of snipe
watch A watch of nightingales
wedge A wedge of geese (flying)
A wedge of swans (flying)[3]
whiteness A whiteness of swans
wing A wing of aircraft
wisdom A wisdom of grandparents
wisp A wisp of snipe
wrack A wrack of kittens (rabbits)
yoke A yoke of oxen[3]

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