Collective Nouns

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Collective term Collective phrase
army An army of frogs[1]
bale A bale of turtles[1]
band A band of gorillas[1]
bank A bank of swans[1]
banner A banner of knights[2]
barren A barren of mules[1][2]
bask A bask of crocodiles[1]
bed A bed of snakes[1]
bench A bench of Bishops[3]
bevy A bevy of quail[1]
A bevy of swans[1]
bind A bind of salmon[2]
bloat A bloat of hippopotamuses[1]
bouquet A bouquet of pheasants[1][2]
building A building of rooks[2]
business A business of flies[1][2]
A business of ferrets[1][2]
cast A cast of eagles[2]
A cast of falcons[2]
A cast of hawks[1][2]
A cast of merlins[2]
A cast of vultures[2]
charm A charm of bees[2]
A charm of finches[2]
clattering A clattering of choughs[2]
cloud A cloud of grasshoppers[1]
A cloud of gnats[1]
clowder A clowder of cats[1]
cluster A cluster of cats[1]
clutch A clutch of eggs[2]
A clutch of chicks[2]
clutter A clutter of spiders[1]
convocation A convocation of eagles[1]
corps A corps of giraffes[1]
covey A covey of quail[1]
crash A crash of rhinoceroses[1]
den A den of snakes[1]
descension A descension of woodpeckers[1][2]
desert A desert of lapwings[2]
dissimulation A dissimulation of birds[2]
disworship A disworship of Scots[2]
dole A dole (or dule) of doves[1][2]
down A down of hares[1]
draught A draught of butlers[2]
A draught of fish[2]
dray A dray of squirrels[1]
drift A drift of swine[1][3]
A drift of hogs[1]
A drift of fishers[2]
drove A drove of pigs[1]
A drove of cattle[1]
drunkenship A drunkenship of cobblers[3]
exaltation An exaltation of larks[1][2]
field A field of runners[3]
flight A flight of doves[1]
fling A fling of oxbirds[2]
flock A flock of sheep[1]
A flock of camels[1]
flush A flush of ducks[2]
gaggle A gaggle of geese[1]
gam A gam of whales[1][2]
A gam of whaling ships[2]
gang A gang of elk[3]
gaze A gaze of raccoons[1]
glaring A glaring of cats[1]
grind A grind of blackfish[2]
grist A grist of bees[1]
hastiness A hastiness of cooks[2]
herd A herd of elephants[1]
A herd of zebra[1]
A herd of walruses[1]
A herd of deer[1]
A herd of antelope[1]
A herd of buffalo[1]
hive A hive of bees[1]
horde A horde of gnats[1]
host A host of sparrows[1]
hover A hover of trout[1]
A hover of crows[2]
husk A husk of hares[1]
kettle A kettle of hawks[1]
kit A kit of pigeons[2]
knob A knob of waterfowl[2]
knot A knot of toads[1]    

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