So, I did the small group test reading the other day with the prologue of the trilogy-now-a-series.  I was told something that surprised me.  Namely, “Your writing is both beautiful and has wisdom to it.”  I wasn’t expecting someone to say that but I always think that nonfiction is like a bullet and fiction is like a cannonball fired from an offshore ship.  Nonfiction makes it’s point but really only makes it’s point.  Fiction makes it’s point, but because it’s open to interpretation it can make points that you didn’t expect and can change a person’s perspective on things.

So, apparently, I’m better at making my points than I thought.  People who have never read sci-fi or fantasy had a rather long discussion on the different meanings.  WWII, Civil Rights, war of the sexes, shades of grey, etc.  So, BOOYAH!

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