To NaNo or not to NaNo, that is the question…

As you know, if you followed this blog last year and saw the little image that said I did NaNo last year, I did in fact, choose to NaNo. This year, I’m using NaNo and tweaking it to my own purposes. First, let me explain what I’m doing this month.

1. I traveled to see my little sister in MA.
2. I’m working on all sorts of things for the trilogy-now-a-series.
3. I’m preparing all of my JET paperwork.
4. I’m sending in all the JET paperwork.
5. I’m preparing for Thanksgiving.
6. I’m taking an incredibly hard Japanese class.
7. I’m writing a 6 minute speech for said Japanese.
8. I’m tutoring kids 2 days a week.
9. I’m being tutored 2 days a week.
10. I’m subbing at different schools.
11. I’m taking a writing class.
12. I’m editing sets of photos for 3 different people.
13. I’m getting ready to run a retreat this Spring.
14. et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

Rather than using it to write a whole new book (which I don’t have time for this year–see the list above) I am using it to edit one I’ve been working on for FOREVER. I want to get the book done. Because I want to get the book done, I figure that if I get 50,000 words edited, it’ll be of great help. I think NaNo is great. It pushes me to get things done. I also get awesome encouragement things send to me via email. I get to see that other people are doing the same thing (a.k.a. writing like a fiend) as me.

So, I would like to say: BIC HOK TAM my friends, BIC HOK TAM! For those of you who don’t know what that means, go here or here for quality explanations.

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