The questions I ask myself…(Minor/Walk On Characters)

Here are the questions I answer for Minor/Walk On Characters. I only use the things that apply.  If they don’t have a romantic plot point in the story, I don’t care about it.  If they don’t speak, I don’t care about voice.  However, if they do, I darn well better know these things.

General Info (Always)
  1.  Use Name:
  2. Nicknames:
  3. True Name:
  4. 4Age:
  5. Place of Birth:
  6. Home:
  7. Power:     Wizard     Witch     Sorcerer     Sorceress     Lesser Maj
  8. Occupation:
  9. 9 Economic Status:
Physical (Always)
  1. Race:     Human     Elf     Daannii     Utarrah     Dwarf     Halfblood     Dragon Hawk     Orc     Troll     Demon     Goblin     Shade     Shadow  
  2. Eye Color:
  3. Hair Color:
  4. Hair Length:
  5. Complexion:
  6. 1Build:
  7. 1Style of Dress:
  8. 1Most Striking Physical Feature:
  9. Health:
  10. Glasses:     Yes     No
Verbal (Sometimes)
  1. Speaking Voice:
  2.  Laughter:
  3. Pet Words:
  4. Pet Phrases:
Family (Sometimes) 

  1. Family we meet or learn about:
Characteristics (Always)
  1.  Strengths:
  2. Weaknesses:
  3. 5 Adjectives Your Friends Would Use To Describe You:
  4. 5 Adjectives Your Enemies Would Use To Describe You:
  5. Accomplishments:
  6. Regrets:
  7. Childhood:
Gestures/Actions (Always)

  1. Any unusual or pet gestures:
Mental/Intellectual/Attitudes (Always)
  1. Educational Level:
  2. Intelligence:
  3. Mental Illness:
  4. Ruled By Logic, Emotion, Or A Combination:
  5. Are You Judgmental:     Yes     No
  6. Are You Racist:     Yes     No
Inner Journey (Always)
  1. Introvert        Extrovert
  2. What Do You Want:
  3. What Are You Most Afraid Of:
  4. How Do You Deal With Anger:
  5. How Do You Deal With Sadness:
  6. How Do You Deal With Conflict:
  7. How Do You Deal With Change:
  8. How Do You Deal With Loss:
  9. Do You Believe In The Gods:      Yes     No     Maybe
Romantic Life (Sometimes)
  1. Straight     Gay     Bi
  2. Status:    Married    Single     In A Relationship
  3. Significant Other(s):
  4. Is Sex A Part Of Your Job:     Yes     No
Battle Basics (Always)
  1. Combatant    Non-Combatant
  2. Weapons:
  3. Strengths/Skills:
  4. Weaknesses
Miscellaneous (Sometimes)
  1. Hobbies:
  2. First Thing Noticed About Opposite Sex:
  3. Swears:     Yes    No     Sometimes     When Things Are Really Bad
  4. Optimist     Pessimist     Realist     Pessimistic Optimist     Optimistic Pessimist
  5. Do You Like Kids:     Yes     No

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