A Collection of Bookish Things…

If you’ve even looked at the title of this blog or at the quote beneath it you know that I am a person who is rather on the book-obsessed side of things. That being said, I thought I would post some of the different images that people have posted on my Facebook that are book related. I don’t actually have the links or information about these things because they were simply images posted for me to squee over. If you know the information, let me know. I want to give credit to the creator as well as check out more of this person’s apparent awesomeness.

A gift from my sister. I wish I knew the artist. They totally get my attitude. I have a serious book addiction. 15 boxes in storage in MA. 5 bookshelves here. My closet. A drawer. Under my bed. It’s never ending.

I’m just going with yes. There is really nothing else to say with this.

I adore this comic. I hang it up in my classrooms. I mean, just look at that awesomeness.

Wicked Witch. Wish I knew who took the photo. If you know, please share.

Now, below here is a collection of cool libraries and bookshelves. If you know the designers, share! They’re amazing. In case you don’t know, I’m also a design geek. I say huzzah for whoever designed these. HUZZAH!

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