I often wonder…

As my brain has died from over-stuffing it with Japanese today I find myself wondering things that I often wonder but that I do not know if other people wonder. So, I suppose I’m wondering if you wonder about the same things. (Which sounds almost like a Pinky & the Brain moment).

  • Why is beauty all around us and we miss it because we get all mixed up in the ugly?
  • Why do people over analyze EVERYTHING Obama does?
  • If people realize that historically, all great nations and empires fall. That’s not a prediction or a threat, it’s a simple statement of fact. We, America, the current “greatest nation in the world” so said by the They who decide these things, will eventually fall in the face of progress onto something else. Why then, should we not show the respect native to that country and create friends rather than put ourselves on a pedestal?
  • How many languages are there that have come and gone on this planet?
  • Who are the They?
  • What would fish think of us?
  • What do ants think of pest control people?
  • Where do thoughts and wonderments come from?
  • Why am I so bloody tired?
  • Why can I not sleep?
  • Why can my dog sleep any time he wants?
  • What group of guys sat around and decided that licking toads was a good idea?
  • Where do fairytales come from?
  • Why do we have to quantify everything?
  • Why do people believe in only what they see?

There are hundred of odds and ends that I wonder about when I’m tired but not sleeping. When my brain is over-full.

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