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Seriously, it’s November. I know that I’m now living in the desert. I know that people irrigate the hell out of this place so that they don’t have to remember that it’s a desert. What I want to know is how they can manage to forget it. Its 88 degrees! In November! How much more desert-y can you get? Seriously?

I’m missing New England and the cooler days, bright colours, and sweaters. I have all these great sweaters and they’re WAAAAY too warm for this weather. I miss wearing them. I miss the switch from skirts to pants for teaching and breaking out my fall coat while sending my good winter one to the dry cleaners because it should be snowing in the next couple of weeks if it hasn’t already.

I know, I know…stop complaining. Everyone back there wishes they could be at the beach. But this weather is gorgeous and yet I just feel too weird going to the beach in November. I think that even after 3 months here I’m still not used to it. After somewhere between 7 and 8 years on the East Coast, SoCal feels weird. I think it would be easier to get used to Seattle again than this switch. I suppose I’ll figure it out.

I also need to find a way to reduce screen glare so that I can go write outside for NaNoWriMo and the company that I’m content writing for. Suggestions?

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