Moving, Book Reviews, Grad School Papers, and Video Games

So, to go in order. I am moving. I am moving to California because I have lost my job here and though I love this area and would love to be around to keep tabs on my kids, things like not being able to afford my apartment get in the way of this. I wish I could get a genie to grant me wishes, but that’s not possible. As a result of this crazy time of losing my job, figuring out moving, and generally figuring life out, I have been unable to do the reviews that I should be doing. I promise, that by the end of this month I will get my reviews done.

On another note, I once wrote a grad school thesis on literacy in it’s many facets using a video game called Second Life and comparing it to the average college student version of literacy. I am thinking about rewriting and adding to this paper of late. I found it interesting at the time (I joined the world of SL in order to write this paper) and I am finding it interesting again. It is a question of being literate in the social niceties, l33t, txt, and translated English. It is also a question of learning how to communicate with people from all over the world and deal with cultural differences in how we communicate and interact with others. Many businesses and universities have campuses in SL. Virtual reality is much like real life, except for the fact that even more varieties of people interact on a daily basis. Comparing SL literacy to RL literacy is becoming more and more interesting to me. As I define bits and things, you may find that I post about it on here as I am re-doing the paper. Fair warning, I may end up analysing to Timbukto and back again. Forgive me my insanity. 😛

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