What I Learned From My Kids On My Last Day

The last day was a trip to Six Flags. I have learned many things from them and I continued to learn from them and the entire field trip yesterday. I thought that I would list some of them here.

  1. Even when someone is in dire straights themselves, if they care about you and believe in God they will pray for you when you are having a hard time.
  2. Sometimes, if enough people pray for it, rain will not fall and theme parks will not be full of people, no matter how much the sky looks like a thunderstorm.
  3. If a bus driver seems like a jerk beforehand he is probably a jerk during.
  4. If a bus driver thinks he is driving a little car, people will get motion sickness.
  5. Boxes and boxes of donuts can be eaten in under 3 minutes.
  6. TomTom is awesome when trying to follow a bus driver who is anything but safe.
  7. Sitting still for 3 hours and relaxing can be good for me.
  8. If you wear black underwear under white clothing people will not wonder if you are wearing underwear.
  9. I look really mellow and laugh a lot on roller coasters. Roller coasters relax me. This is apparently weird.
  10. Many adults do not understand their senses of humor and they love it when you do.
  11. When there is enough trust the kids will say anything from “There’s no food in the house and I haven’t eaten in 3 days” to “My boyfriend and I are thinking about sex but I don’t want to get pregnant. What should I do?” to “This was the best day ever”.
  12. Some of the nicest kids are the ones who dress the most scandalous (they don’t understand their image).
  13. Lifeguards can be strange.
  14. Gelato is healthier for you than ice cream (I like it better anyhow but I didn’t know it was healthier.)
  15. Going to the waterpark in your jeans is apparently fun for them (I kept thinking about the ride home and decided not to join in on that one.)
  16. Time constraints are negligible when pictures are being taken.
  17. If I am genuinely angry with a couple of kids and yell at them for being 35 minutes late and making me search the park for them they will look like they are having heart attacks and then bolt like scared jack rabbits.
  18. It is easier not to follow the bus home.
  19. Even the security guards and the janitors were really upset to find out that I was leaving (I got help bringing my stuff down to my car and putting it in the back seat.)

I’ve learned many things from my time at that school over the years but I found some of it really amusing yesterday.

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