Yea for lock-ins!

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So, on Saturday, for my 25th birthday present from Kid (my former Frosh/Soph college roommate and then my grad school roomie as well) is a lock-in via Grub Street. Yes, my friends, I will be locked-in and writing on Saturday (the day before my birthday) before a crazy dinner and karaoke night with my friends. This is what their calendar has to say about this most auspicious of occasions:

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
$50/$25 members, fee includes catered breakfast and lunch, unlimited coffee, and sporadic wireless internet access. Taking a Grb Street class is a fantastic way to learn the craft of creative writing, as well as a way to connect with other writers, revise your manuscripts and get ideas for future stories. But it’s not sitting down and actually putting pen to paper for multiple hours and cranking out the words. That’s what the Lock-In is all about. For one day, be the dedicated writer you always want to be at our seven-hour catered lock-in. You’ll meet and visit with Grub Street staff and other writers, eat good food, and have fun getting a month’s worth of writing done in one afternoon at our inspiring headquarters. In fact, you’ll have no choice. Open to writers of all genres.

All I have to say is BIC HOK TAM! For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s an acronym for “Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard, Typing Away Madly”. It is one of my favourite cheers from the Book in a Week (BIW) and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) groups. And besides going into total writer mode I’m going to be not only reminded to eat, but rather I am going to be given food. Considering I am one of those writers who is a bit of the absent minded professor types and food appears nowhere on my radar while working that is a good thing. I need to be reminded. I’m only human after all (much as my brain wanders non-human paths in the effort to edit and write my spec fic novels).

So, yea Kid for the perfect writing present for a writer. Though I should expect it as she is a writer herself.


  • Christiana Krump

    It does rather sound like an Asian restaurant. I hadn\’t thought of that. I use it as a mantra when it comes to challenge/SSIAW months for my writing group. It\’s a good thing. One of those \”focus, focus, focus\” things.

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