Experiments with Technology

I’ve now got a Facebook page, a Twitter, a Pinterest, a Google+,  and this blog.  Hopefully, I can get them all connected.  I’m working on it.  That way, whatever you use, I’ve got something for you to look at and hopefully, it’ll all link back here.  I love technology and I love writing, but frankly, posting the same thing in five places seemed a bit redundant.  
I’m curious, readers-mine, what social network do you use most?  Do you have one that you hate?  Do you have one you’re curious about, but haven’t tried?  Are you completely against all social media?  Give me your thoughts in the comments. 


  • Katie

    Well, no one uses Google+ unless they work at Google, so I think you can let go of that one. 🙂 I'm not crazy about Twitter. It drives me nuts how people try to have arguments on it- debate is not possible in 140-character increments! But it's a good way to keep up with bloggers who update Twitter more often than their blogs.I don't like Instagram. I don't get it. Most of those pictures just end up on Facebook anyway.

  • Christiana Krump

    Google+ comes with my blog, so it's not really a problem to auto update that as having a blogspot blog comes with it. It asks me when I complete a post, and I say, \”Share\” cuz…well…why not?As for Twitter, the people who try to have debates and argue things on there are a bit daft unless they're linking to something in particular. Though I do think it would be fun to try something 140 character stories…what do you think? Instagram is great for specific things, but I wouldn't use one all the time. I also wish the app let you switch between accounts. I have my personal one and then my one for the England Trip. Great thing about it was that it updated to my personal page, my trip page for the parents, the trip's blog, and the school admin, so I only had to add things to one source and it shot out to multiple. I don't use Instagram regularly, but it's good for short bursts on trips where you want to update multiple things very simply.

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