A collection of things friends have sent me from around the web…

20 Basic Plots

Sorry Card (They meant it as an apology for a bad blind date they set me up on…cuz, wow, awkward…)

I argue that the lack of teaching handwriting is a problem and that the sole focus developing towards computer skills in the wealthier communities is a detriment if students. So…my friend sent me this article.

A beautiful poem about balance.

Why porridge is important.

Fashion fun.  (Sent to me because my sister loves sun dresses).

Summer music actually about summer.

Bill the Pony 

Beautiful Photography 


Funny thing about this is that I don’t own a Wii  

Graffiti conversation

Thoughts on Chinese words used in English and those not used.

And these pictures (don’t know where they found them.  If you do, let me know)

When I opened these all up or saw them on walls, in messages, or via texts, I realized that my friends see me as rather eclectic and I’m good with that…

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