I should be writing…

What I do to remind myself to write…which in turn means that I’m not writing…

So, I went on various meme generators the other day and found a bunch of funny photos of David Tennant as the Doctor because I was looking for things to post on my Moodle page that would inspire the kids to keep writing and Tennant is my favourite, so I started with him.  I gathered bunches of pictues and made Kindly Online Day Doctor, Stern Sub Day Doctor, and Pointy-Wointy Sonic Doctor.

Then, I found the centre picture from my new background and was like, “Hmmmm…brainstorm!” It was then promptly tiled (sans border) as my desktop background for my writing space (the one that holds Scrivener on my Mac).  I proceeded to stare at it for a bit.  For about thirty seconds–okay, maybe fifteen–I was happy it.  Then, me being me, I went, “Meh…that’s boring…I can do better!”

This is my version of better.  Is it perfect?  No.  Does it make me laugh when I’m frustrated?  Yep.  Did I have a blast going around the interwebs and gathering mad photos before deciding which ones I would modify and put on there?  Of course.  Who wouldn’t love finding photos of this nutty, kind-hearted, goofball of a Doctor?  Does it motivate me to write?  Why, yes, it does.

So, now you may be going, “K…ummmm…Christiana…you know that the Doctor is FICTION, right?”  Certainly, I do know this.  But his stories and his character inspire me.  Maybe I’ll do one with all the other Doctors at some point, but I’ve always loved how mobile Tennant’s face is, no matter what role he’s playing, so, for now, this is the one that makes me laugh most and puts me in the best mood for writing.  I did it on Pages, btw, for those who are wondering.  Figure out what motives you and keep it nearby.  In this case, directly in the writing space.  The more you want to write, the better your writing will me.

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