Things I love about being a teacher

I actually got the comment that I have “insufficient references to Doctor Who, Sherlock, Monty Python, and Indiana Jones” on a reply form to my class.

The last 15 minutes of class today was a tournament rock, paper, scissors style where they punished each other with dares like “stand in front of the entire class and say, ‘I am beautiful'” and “bow down to Ms. K and say ‘I am your girl. I will get A’s’.” I have never seen anyone as in to Rock Paper Scissors as this group of kids.

I had a kid today say, “I like nerds and I like people, so I like this room cuz it’s like nerds and people”

I have students making and showing me dragons and giving me drawings of Louie the Space Turtle.

I had a sonic screwdriver battle with a student today.

People are goofy.

More lists to come…

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