So, I went to a teacher’s conference at Red Rock this past weekend (just got home today) and I actually had fun at this one. 

My friend, Glen, gave me a very indignant legal lecture that lead to us taking two vans instead of one so that I could go in the van with the guys.  He essentially told me that it was ridiculous for me to think that I was inconveniencing anyone and that I needed to stop worrying about that as work is legally required to provide transportation and I’m apparently not an inconvenience anyways because splitting into two vans would make the ride more comfortable for everyone.  He actually told me that I was being ridiculous and it was ridiculous for me to think that I should pay for the gas to get out and back, etc.  In the end, with his rather indignant encouragement, I asked and we did just that.

I spent a good part of my vanpool ride (it’s 5 hours out and 5 hours back) writing.  When I wasn’t writing, I was listening to the coaches talk.  They’re rather amusing and I think it’s kind of funny that it took one of them something like two hours to process where I went to high school this afternoon and then he was pleasantly surprised.  Every once in a while, I think they realized that I wasn’t really part of the conversation and one of them would toss a question my way going either direction.  On the way back, I volunteered more comments and questions but mainly listened to them debate morals, coaching, and religion.  Really, while they’re good guys, there’s really only one of them that I would debate religion with so I only listened to those conversations unless I didn’t understand one of the Lutheran terms that they threw out there.

Between vanpool sessions I roomed with the art teacher, Melissa, who I’d kind of been friends with at school.  We really got to know each other well and had a blast doing things like dancing in elevators, getting lost, and running late to EVERYTHING.  We talked about guys, our previous dating histories, and her current fella as well as students, parents, and our thoughts on some of the things said at the conference.

I grabbed meals with a lot of the teachers and did conference meetings with most of the administrators.  We went to Yard House the first night and I got a Gardein Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  I was super happy that they had a cajun version of fake chicken and did a little happy dance.  Glen looked so startled and concerned when the waitress called it the Spicy Chicken Sandwich that I just about choked laughing and explained that it was a meat substitute and that I would be fine.  It was delicious.

After our sessions on Monday a bunch of us drove out to the scenic hikes and drove the loop with the different viewpoints.  I’ve posted about 30 pictures on Facebook, but this one shows all the colour best in one shot I think.  It was an amazing place.  Beautiful stone and desert with beautiful animals about.  I mean, check out how gorgeous that stone is.

Then we all came back, got changed, fought with Moodle, and went to dinner.  The comedian they had was hysterical, but everything ran over timewise, so instead of seeing Argo Melissa, Glen, and I went to go see Wreck It Ralph while the others went off to gamble.  We just about died laughing at it.  (Well, honestly, I couldn’t tell if Glen was more amused by Melissa and I being goofballs or the movie because he was rather quietly amused throughout.) 

This morning, I had breakfast with Jess, Andy, Don, Sarah, and Melissa.  We ate, mostly they shared stories and I gave a side commentary, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  Then we went off to sessions.  In the first one Dan and I had a running commentary on everything and then Jess and I had a running commentary going in the second session of the morning.  It was a lot of fun overall and I feel like I actually got closer to my friends and maybe made in-roads with some of the people that I’m kind of just an acquaintance with. 

I thanked Glen for his indignant legal lecture after we got back and he knew immediately what I was talking about and said, “Well, it would be ridiculous for you to do that.  I mean, come on.” It made me laugh because clearly the idea that I would drive myself without the school taking care of the cost still bothered him even though it didn’t happen.  I also sent Jess and Melissa a thank you for making the trip relaxed and fun.  Last year, at this same conference, I really rather felt alone.  I was very much on the outside looking in and Robby and Matt made a point to befriend me.  This year, I was happy, bubbly, and surrounded by friends.  It was a great weekend. 

Tomorrow, Kitten comes home.  I have a good feeling about this holiday break. 🙂

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