New Look

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (Mainly, I think, because stores purposely forget that Thanksgiving exists.  It’s hard to make a turkey and Puritans sexy or super cute, and while it’s easier with Native Americans, it is not so PC to do so).

In honour of the fall/winter days and the time change that comes with them, I thought I’d switch over to some red velvet.  Upon asking my friend Tombo what he thinks of the new look, our conversation went like this:

Tombo: It’s cozy, and not so bright. Also a bit sinister.
Me: hahaha.  Is that good? And here I was thinking it was more along the lines of Christmas…
Tombo: Haha.  Well, I see red velvet, and I think of Satanic seduction…the tempting side of evil. 😉

Which makes me wonder two things: 1.  What makes you think of the holidays? 2. What do you think of when you see red velvet?


  • Katie

    Hmm, my first thought was actually \”Blue Velvet,\” the creepy David Lynch movie I saw recently. My second thought was red velvet cupcakes. My third thought was that red velvet makes me think of royalty- it seems like something that should be lining a throne. Green velvet is what I associate wth Christmas- when I was little, the Kitty and I had matching green velvet Christmas dresses. So this new design makes you look like Queen Christina!

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