General Insanity

In no particular order, over the past four months I have: been working with students who are trying to get into college (I’ll talk about why that is important in a bit),  visited Fall River, started a new teaching job, gone on a few dates (one of which was particularly amazing), been visited by my aunt, uncle, and my first cousin from my dad’s side of the family, my cousins and great aunt on my dad’s side, and my first cousin from my mom’s side of the family, sprained my ankle and knee, spent time on the Santa Monica Pier, helped a friend plan her wedding, found out what my bridesmaid dress will look like for another friend’s wedding, been to Vegas for another friend’s wedding, been to my college reunion seen Neil Gaiman live, and learned to fly a plane (okay, so the last one’s a joke…but all the other stuff really has happened). 

What I have not done for extended periods of time is focus on my writing (neither in blog nor in book form).  I’ve been completely scattered and when I work on my books it’s through guerrilla writing and editing methods.  I think my characters are starting to feel a bit neglected.  But, I just have to promise them that they’ll get the time they deserve when I have the time and focus on the things I get paid for.  Writing may be my passion, but it’s not what pays the bills.

What does pay the bills is my many jobs.  When working with kids trying to get into college, I have found that the lack of writing skills is disturbing and that I am essentially teaching them how to write.  Some of the kids have not read a book for school or written a single paper since sixth grade.  We should all be horrified by that, by the way.  If you’re not, you should really start wondering what it’s going to be like twenty years down the line when the kids of today are the leaders of tomorrow and they can’t communicate their thoughts coherently in a written form.  Are you cringing yet?

My new teaching job has me working on Honors World Literature and Composition, Beginning Drama, Advanced Drama, Journalism, and Yearbook.  It’s eclectic, but at least I don’t get bored.  The kids are sweet and generally pretty focused.  It’s a nice environment to teach in and my room is gradually becoming owlriffic since me and my roomie are owl people!

My friends all seem to be getting married or are on their way to marriage.  I, on the other hand, am single.  This has lead to some pushing on the part of my mother which may, possibly, have paid off.  I’ve had some dates that were true duds.  That hasn’t changed at all.  But I did meet one really sweet guy who smiles all the time, is smart, into his career and education, looking to move to the UK at some point, is a dancer and sometime actor.  Not to mention the whole REALLY good-looking thing.  So, there is some potential there, though I don’t want to jump the gun and say that something will happen between us, there is a connection and a true friendship (if not more) developing and that’s a fun thing.  Either way, I’ve been a total spaz about things but I’m having fun with it and he seems to be having fun too, so that is to the good.

The world is an interesting place my dear readers.  You can never tell what’s going to happen.  I went from teaching inner-city to a private Christian school.  Super single with many of my friends getting married to finding someone that it is possible for me to see a “something” with, though I’m not sure what that is yet.  And am focused on a million things other than writing at the moment, but you know what?  I’m happy with what’s going on in my life. 

Now…if only I could remember to bring my lunch to school with me…


  • Katie

    \”We should all be horrified by that, by the way.\”Are colleges actually accepting those kids who can't write? That would REALLY horrify me. At least I'm not getting married anytime soon. Who's getting married this weekend?

  • Christiana Krump

    Well, I'd have to go with \”yes\” on that, but I teach the kids I work with how to so I'm not responsible for that. There are some services that actually write the essays for the kids.My friend Evangeline. It was a beautiful service and a fun party. Even with my knee and ankle I danced the night away. Paying for it now though. 😛 Dancing = Yay! Walking = Not Yay!

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