What do you call a group of…Part 1

So, I’ve started collecting something other than quotes.  This is going to a nice little mini series I think.  I’ll give you 15 names of things in groups.  These are proper names garnered from dictionaries and encyclopedias.  Some ridiculous.  Some sublime.  Welcome to “What do you call a group of…”

Antelope: A herd of antelope 
Ant: A colony or an army of ants (How very military)
Ape: A shrewdness of apes (Why are apes particularly shrewd?)
Baboons: A troop of baboons (And back to the military)
Bacteria: A culture of bacteria (Because all bacteria like the arts, dressing in particular fashions, and eating particular foods.)
Badger: A cete, a brock, a company, or a clan of badgers (What is a “cete” or a “brock” you may ask…apparently, they’re groups of badgers.  I can find no other feasible definitions.)
Bass: A shoal of bass
Bear: A sleuth or sloth of bears (So, bears are either detectives or lazy…interesting…)
Beaver: A colony of beavers
Bee: A swarm, grist or hive of bees (I get the other ones…but, a “grist”?  Really?)
Bird: A flock, flight, congregation or volery of birds
Bittern: A sedge or siege of bitterns (I’ve no idea what a “sedge” is but one has to wonder if bitterns ever actually laid “siege” to a city somewhere.)
Boar: A sounder of boars (Why?  What exactly is a sounder anyways besides a member of the Seattle Sounders Football Club?)
Bobolink: A chain of bobolinks (This one had me cracking up.  Why a chain and who named that poor bird in the first place?)
Buffalo: A herd, an obstinacy, or a gang of buffalo (What do you think their gangs are called?  The Hairy and The Shaggy?)

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