On adding MacGuffins…

Here’s the thing about adding a MacGuffin when you’ve got the whole series written already: It’s really hard to add one in that will work for a seven book series and still give the reader satisfaction at the end of each book.

I’ve come up with belts, bracelets, swords, necklaces, potion ingredients, and just about every other possible way to work it in.  I think I’ve settled on a necklace…maybe… 

Creating another plot line this far in is kind of like banging your head against the wall and hoping it doesn’t crack.  (The “it” actually being two things: the wall or your skull).  If you add in something too complicated it takes the story away from where it should be.  If you do something too simple, why bother putting it in.

Now, those of you who know me, know that I am a stubborn perfectionist with my writing.  This means that now that I know it’s missing, I will work at it until it’s fixed and I figure out how to layer one in without disrupting things too much.

Wish me luck!

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