A New Term & Interesting Blogs

There’s this term that I find fascinating.  It took 15 years for someone to point out that I didn’t have a clear one.  And I’d never known the term for what it is.  Gain knowledge of MacGuffins people.  Once you do, it’ll be endless.  The One Ring, bomb plans, a watch, a person, a piece of artwork, casino money, etc.

So, I’ve found a whole slew of interesting blogs on writing this week and thought I’d share some links.

Check out the Pet Peeves on Parade series going on over at Author! Author!

For a lesson on The Yin and Yang of Adverbs go to Flogging the Quill.

Find out what agents don’t like over at Writer Unboxed.

Look at How to Amp Up Sexual Tension over at Fiction Groupie.

For help on a ton of stuff hie thee to Kay Kenyon’s website called Writing the World.  (Not only is she a brilliant author, but she’s a nice lady–which I can say since I met her a couple of weeks ago at Literary Orange–who gives good advice.)


  • Katie

    So weird that you posted this now! Just the other day, the word MacGuffin popped into my head but I couldn't remember what it meant and had to look it up.

  • Christiana Krump

    Well, it's an awesomely fun word. I told Laurie that Rhee is what everybody wants. She said, that's great for the adults who will be reading but teenagers need an object since Rhee is the main character. MacGuffin design and slipping it in everywhere is underway. I feel kinda like I'm going to be a ninja writer to have it in there without taking the story too far off course. Make it blend in with the night, if you will (and even if you won't, honestly) 😛

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