My Laptop Skin

A while ago (read a little over a year ago) I got a laptop skin from Decal Girl.  Every once in a while people take a look at my computer and exclaim one thing or another about how awesome it is.  Today, 3 people have exclaimed over it.  The one I have is called Moon Tree for my MacBook Pro.  It looks like this:

There are hundreds of them up on the site.  If I get an eReader of any kind, I’ll order a different skin.  If I get a fancy phone, I’ll get another skin.  If I get a Wii or a gaming system at some point, I’ll get different skins for the controllers.  I love Decal Girl.  I adore most of the art up there.  And the ones that I don’t adore, I understand other people adoring.

The skins serve three purposes:

  1. They protect electronics.
  2. They make things more beautiful.
  3. You can make anything generic suit your taste.

If you’re an artistic type or someone who cares about things being beautiful or personal, go to Decal Girl.  It’s amazing.

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