Exciting news from the eye doctor!

So, here’s something I never thought would happen:  My eyesight has improved!  For those who don’t know why I haven’t written much this past week let me explain…

I have had the same pair of contacts for 8 months.  I’m only supposed to have them for 2 weeks.  Needless to say, my contacts had worked themselves to death.  I had them that long because I have been trying to save money for the possibility of Japan.  However, the last pair got attacked by onion juice and the spare set I had got a tear.  Both the onion juice and tear happened while they were in my eyes.  Picture eyes tearing, red, and swollen and you’ve just about got the picture.

As a result I’ve been wearing my friend’s prescription sunglasses for the past three days because we were about the same prescription.  But, her sun glasses were giving me a headache and making me feel a little off balance.  When I went in today to have my appointment I was told that instead of -4.75 in my right eye and -4.50 in the other, I am now a -3.50 in both eyes!

Besides the new contacts I’m also getting new glasses with the new prescription!  Booyah!

Give me a WootWoot! people, because that is AWESOME!

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