Google Ngram and Charts of Awesome

So, over on Nathan Bransford’s blog the other day he had this thing up about Google Ngram (this fancy new tool from Google that searches a ton of books from the past 200 years) and it got me curious.  This graph in particular made me more cat-like:

Vampires (blue) vs. Werewolves (red) vs. Zombies (green)

From there I wanted to know if there was a difference for all these different things…seriously, I could go on all day and then through next year with all the different charts.

Atlantis (blue) vs. El Dorado (Red)
Like (blue) vs. You Know (red) vs. Whatever (green)

Murder (blue) vs. Killer (red) vs. Robbery (green) vs. Thieves (yellow)

Fantasy (blue) vs. Dream (red) vs. Reality (green)
Wizard (blue) vs. Witch (red) vs. Sorcerer (green) vs. Sorceress (yellow)

Demons (blue) vs. Angels (red)
Friends (blue) vs. Enemies (red)

Cats (blue) vs. Dogs (red)

Blue (blue) vs. Red (red) vs. Green (green)

Yes people, I did the colors.  Deal with it. 😛  What charts can you come up with?

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