On being a child of the Devil…

First, sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been sick. Like 102 fever sick for the past 10 days or so and before that I was organizing holiday stuff for people. This is something I thought I would share though, cuz it will make you laugh dear reader, oh yes, it will make you laugh.

I have been dubbed a Child of the Devil. No human sacrifice or Satanic rituals needed apparently for earning that title. No. What one must do is be writing a fantasy/sci-fi series. Let me explain.

I was waiting for my class to start a few weeks ago and was outside working on my laptop. This rather nice, if slightly mousey-looking, lady walks up to me and asks me what I’m doing. I explain that I’m working on my novels. As with about half the people out there, she got a really interested look and asked me what genre. So I say fantasy/science fiction and her response is to tell me, “Oh, so you’re a Child of the Devil.”

Blink. Blink. Huh? Excuse me?

She then proceeds to ask me a series of questions:

Are there wizards? Yes
Witches? Yes
Dragons? Yes
Magical creatures? Yes (Though, I don’t see how Dragons don’t count as magical creatures…but hey what’s a Child of the Devil know?)
Spells? Yes
Travel without science? Yes (Still not sure what that means, BTW, but as my people walk a lot i figure it was safe to answer in the affirmative.)

Then she looks at me like she is about to ask me the most damning question ever questioned and says in this gasping voice: And is there more than one GOD?

Answer: Yes.

Her response: You are a Child of the Devil and you will go to Hell.

My response: I am a Christian but my book is not. Throughout history Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have been persecuted because of the one-god belief. My system for this particular series is based on old Norse and Greek pantheons and as polytheism is rather historically the norm for the human race I don’t see the problem.

Her response: You are teaching people not to believe in God!

My response: I’m not teaching them to believe in a made up pantheon either. My books are about acceptance of self, acceptance of others, not judging a book by it’s cover, that people can change, and that you can survive anything. And, I don’t think those are bad lessons to teach.

That kind of shut her up but she went away muttering about the “Fresh-mouthed Child of the Devil.”

Is it strange that I’m kind of proud to be thought of as evil by someone that close-minded? It seems a little backwards to be proud of someone thinking you’re evil, but hey! she was SUPER judgemental.


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