Apologies and some such nonsense…

So, I understand that in order for a blog to be functional one must, in fact, blog.  Sorry for disappearing for a bit.  However, I just don’t have the energy of late so this will be an interim-sorta-kinda-blog for until I get the time to put in the three or so not-sorta-kinda blogs that I’m currently working on.

First, let me explain why I’ve not been writing.  I am in the middle of wedding season, which means I have a bazillion and one friends getting married.  I went back to Seattle for 10 days (for those of you in the know, it was my first time back in 12 years and there WILL be a blog about that).  My friends have moved to Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines.  I have another friend moving back to Osaka, Japan in 2 weeks.  My sister and my mother will be coming down from Seattle at the end of this week, to leave for the East coast the following week, at which time I will have another wedding.  I have been editing, reviewing, and otherwise beating my writing and the writing of some of my friends into submission.  I have reread the Cast Series (look for a blog on the latest book in about 2 weeks).  I am applying for jobs and doing intensive Japanese so that I can hopefully get a job teaching in Japan.  I’m also working with the most adorable little autistic girl on the planet.  I love her.  She makes me smile 5 days a week.

With all that said I am alive.  Therefore, there will be blogs on Seattle, the latest and greatest by Michelle Sagara, and my writing coming up after the next two weeks are done with.  Shortly thereafter, will be a blog about the book The Magicians because it really is quite fun, even if I can’t manage to get through it right now due to time constraints.

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