A Moment of Insanity…

So, I’ve mentioned my trilogy before very briefly. However, I haven’t really put up much about my writing process or any of that. I frankly think that I may bore you if I do that. However, I thought that I would share my insanity for a moment.

The trilogy may turn into 7 books. Yep, you read that right. Personally, I think I may have lost my mind.

For many years I was a part of a group online called OWWW and it was amazing. Then, I didn’t have enough time to keep up with everyone’s writing because I was teaching. They cut me some slack because I was an inner city teacher and all but it really wasn’t fair to them. So, I left it before I moved and I still miss them. I think that when I get things straightened out I’ll return to it.


I’ve kept in touch with 5 people from there who are all published authors in the spec fic genre (a combination of science fiction and fantasy). Well, I have these flashbacks throughout the trilogy and all 5 of them came back to me and said that they deserve their own books and that I should tell the story in a linear fashion and make it 6 or 7 books. As a result, I’m outlining to see if it’s even possible to do it that way. I’m beginning to think that it is…

I’m 15 years into writing and editing this trilogy that may now be 7 books. I started it when I was 11 and about to turn 12. Granted, I’ve written 3 books other than that. Gone from 6th grade to grad school. I’ve taught in the inner city. I’ve run dance shows, dance groups, and theatre groups at various points. I’ve had relationships and non-relationships and many other forms of silliness having to do with men. I’ve started to learn Japanese. I’ve gotten into various hobbies. I’ve spent good time with friends and family and good times on my own just taking in the world. So, somehow I don’t feel too bad that I’ve been working on it so long. I do, however, sometimes feel like a crazy person because I’ve probably been through 30 or 40 drafts and it’s still not quite right. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR SCRIVENER.

Tip your hat, cross your fingers, and send prayers my way that this is the last bit of insanity in the before-I-send-this-trilogy-that-isn’t-a-trilogy-off-to-agents saga and that I can get this done.

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