Absentee-ism for Writing’s Sake and Japanese

Here is the thing…I am re-writing the re-writes of the re-writes of the trilogy. I like how these feel. I’ve never chapters out because they never felt quite right. Now, they do. So, I am editing and rewriting like a fiend. First person chapters, it’s how I hear it in my head and how I see it, just not how a lot of people liked to read when I first wrote it down. But I like this better. It’s truer to the piece I think.

As to the Japanese, I am taking Beginner’s Japanese and Japanese Culture at the local community college. Is it weird that I am thinking both of trying to get published in the US and moving to Japan for my two year plan? I somewhat think it’s an odd path. But, as I learned from watching the movie Post Grad the other day with my youngest sister and her godmother, “Weird is good”. I tend to think that chasing my dreams is a good thing. I’ve spent the past two years helping my kids chase their dreams. Now, as one of them told me, it’s my turn. Maybe I’ll see about a part time job somewhere since I can’t seem to find full time ones that offer health benefits (apparently, I’m too qualified and people would have to pay me too much). We’ll see.

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