Warden of Greyrock: The Warlocks of Talverdin: Book Three by K.V. Johansen *****

Warden of Greyrock by K.V. Johansen is something of a gem. It is the third book in a series. Even if you pick up the story in the third book, everything one needs to understand he world and the basic storyline is included in book three. Even so, it makes you want to pick up books one and two just to get the details that you’re missing.

This book is written from three different perspectives, each chapter being in the perspective of one character. It is an interesting style of writing because each character who speaking is so different. One, Maurey, is a man who is effectively of two worlds. One, Korby, is a man who is a bit more of a rough and tumble sort of warrior and owes his allegiance to Maurey while still being the chief of his people. And the third, Annot, is the beloved of the first and the cousin of the second. Each voice is distinct, and in Annot’s case, changes as circumstances change.

Maurey, the half human and half Nightwalker Warden of Greyrock, is the title character of the book and everything that happens and all of the characters involved are tied to him like spokes on a wheel. He has chosen to settle down with Annot, the Baroness of Oakhold, in Greyrock Castle on the border between the Nightwalker and human kingdoms. The two races from which he was born trusting him to guard their borders and their peace. However, there are still people plotting against them and the peace that has been created.

While Maurey is out hunting down a pair of sisters who hold ancient secrets, Korby begins to uncover the truth about the cult of Yehillon, and Annot becomes a captive of the Yehillon. Annot struggles to free herself while dealing with the fact that she thinks that she is going mad in her captivity. Maurey faces the fact that if he leaves Greyrock he may save his ladylove while leaving the Nightwalkers to be slaughtered by the veiled prince of the Yehillon. Korby has to find a way to save his cousin without being executed for treason for leading his people to war on her behalf, protect his lord, and help defeat the Yehillon. All and all, they are in for an interesting journey and the reader along with them.

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