Wasted/Not Wasted Weekend

So, as far as writing goes, this weekend was a waste. Long weekend though it may have been, it was not long enough. Wednesday night was the final dance show of the year. Friday was the final day for the seniors. This week in general has been a lot of “finals” and it left me EXHAUSTED. As a result, the most major thing I did this weekend was go to the grocery store. I also watched some anime and slept. I slept 10 hours Friday night, 8 hours Saturday night, and 12 hours last night. For those who know me, or those who have noticed the weird posting times, I am an insomniac. Sleeping this much is weird. But I guess it means that I really needed to recharge. I am currently on my way to bed to hopefully get 6 hours of sleep. I’m not sure whether to dub this weekend a waste of my time as I did NOTHING productive, or if it is decidedly not a waste of my time for the very same reason.

Oh the quandries…

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