Frustrated with my writing

<—This is how I feel about my editing/writing at the moment. I can't seem to concentrate. It's one of the problems with end-of-term time. I get stressed and my concentration goes out the window. So, even during my planned writing time I seem to be unable to focus on it. I keep coming up with other things that I should be doing. I guess I'm going to have to spend some time writing when I'm home with my family between the 17th and the 25th.

To all my non-Orthodox-Christian-type friends, Happy Easter! To my Jewish friends, Joyous Passover. To my Orthodox Christian friends, we’ve still got a week before I can wish you anything other than “Happy Palm Sunday”.

I’m going to go drive up to Boston for Palm Sunday with my brother now. Sorry for the short rant but it’s true and I thought the gif was hysterical AND accurate.

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  • Katie

    Me, too- for while now. It\’s bad. I\’m going to Muse and the Marketplace again this weekend, which will only serve as a reminder of how little writing I\’ve gotten done in the past year. By the way- the title of my last entry is a song, so I didn\’t mean literally waiting for my real life to begin. 🙂

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