New layout

Okay, so I’ve kept this layout essentially the same as the last. As it is Fall/Winter now, I figured that it was time for a new image and a new colour scheme. No longer do we have my summery bench and it’s beautiful greens. No, rather we have the greys of Newport as the water and rocks get darker. The writing is all shades of blue because what other colour can be frosty and welcoming at the same time? And yes, I took that picture too. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how to do a slide show up there at some point. Then I can have my photos cycle through on a theme. Until then, we’ll just have to make due with a singular photograph.

The cooler weather has happened. It is currently raining outside my window. The world is a beautiful shade of grey with the soft sounds of precipitation hitting windows, cars, and puddles. I can even hear it sliding down the rocks one floor down. This is the time of year to fore go outdoor pursuits and to curl up with a good book under some blankets by a nice fire. As I don’t have a fireplace I’ll just settle for a good book, some soft light, and warm blankets personally. However you enjoy your cold weather reading, have fun my fellow book addicts!

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  • Boupie

    Ilove your layout. It is a nice reminder of the cold we are happily missing. I am glad to see you have such a fun little blog here. I am well and am missing having someone to tlak o everyday who isn\’t married to me. Life is good but boring. I will try to remember to message you at some point with something longer… oh and I am going to add oyu to my blog too. I figured you wouldn\’t mind 😉

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