Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris *****

*Book with adult themes or subject matter*
Looking at the cover to this book you can see that the vamp has changed. Eric, our lovably suggestive vampire, is now on the cover. It made me wonder if Eric was Sookie’s newest man, despite being Bill’s boss and someone Sookie professes to not want to sleep with based on complications of vampire politics regardless of the fact that Eric has made it clear that he cares for Sookie as much as he is capable in the past 3 books. Our lovable long-dead Viking with joie de vivre and a ton of money is shown flying over the Bon Temps cemetery with the werewolves looking up so you know just from looking at the cover that this is going to be an interesting book.

Then you turn it around and find out that Eric has lost his memory and become a kinder gentler version of himself. As a reader, after seeing that my objections to Eric as Sookie’s lover went away and I really wanted them together. Sookie, with the help of her brother, gets roped in to helping save Eric, which leads to a fight between witches, vamps, and werewolves. Her brother’s involvement in the supernatural world also causes problems for him and we get to see how attached Sookie really is to her brother and how vulnerable he actually is. I loved this book and can’t wait to get the next one. Though considering how broke I am it is going to have to wait.

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