A change in focus and the why of it

So, what I’ve determined is that essentially I have no time to read complete books. That depresses me more than somewhat, but, as I have to keep up with stuff for the kids and they take priority that is that. I adore my students and my focus is on them.

As a result, rather than feeling like “Damn, I haven’t read a complete book!” I thought I would go, “Hey, that’s an interesting thought!” and put those in here too. The focus is still literary and artistic because I am me after all, but I think I’ll broaden the scope and see if that gets me writing in here more.

I’m also a fan of my new layout. It’s all fresh and new for summer. Plus, that’s my photograph up there and that’s a cool addition. Let people see what I do with a camera, a park bench in NH, and the noonday sun. Don’t think it turned out half bad. And it feels nice and summery.

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