First Entry

The idea for this came about because of a project for my final class in grad school. I was assigned to make a multimodal project about any subject I wanted. When I was thinking about the many things that I do and am interested in I landed on one topic that I seem to be endlessly fascinated with: words. Whether it’s writing or reading, I am always involved with using words to create something or reading someone else’s words to become a part of what they have created. So, as my roommate and I were sitting around our kitchen table we hit upon the idea of my doing a book review since I always seem to be reading something.

So, this is how it’s going to work: 1. I will post book reviews with a photo attached to show you what it looks like 2. some of the entries will have videos attached to them and 3. if you have thoughts on a book you would like me to read/review just let me know.

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